NEW Exploring Nature in the Fall 8567

Discover the joys of nature! We will explore all the wonderful things the change in season brings. Our class will incorporate hands on activities, crafts, games, and stories. We will explore outside so please dress appropriately.
Ages: 3 - 6 
Sep 16 - Sep 30     W     12:45 - 1:30pm     $30

NEW Kiddie Kitchen 8571

Cooking is a lot of things: a life skill, a science experiment and a lot of fun! We will learn how to make delicious snacks that your child can hopefully make for you at home. We will read a book that leads us into the recipe of the day. *Contact the park district before class begins if your child has any food allergies. All recipes will be peanut free.**No class November 23rd
Ages: 3 - 6 
Nov 2 - Nov 30     M     12:45 - 1:30pm     $45

NEW Paint and Play 8565

Spend some time creating masterpieces and having fun with friends. We will explore with different forms of painting. Each week will have a different theme and a story will be read for inspiration.
Ages: 3 - 6 
Sep 14 - Sep 28     M     12:45 - 1:30pm     $30

NEW Spooky Creations 8569

Let your imagination and creativity run wild with a wide variety of hands-on art activities with a Halloween flair. Each week the young artist will bring home a SPOOKTACULAR project that is handmade! *No class on October 12th
Ages: 3 - 6 
Oct 5 - Oct 26     M     12:45 - 1:30pm     $30

NEW Grandparents' Day Celebration 8612

It's National Grandparents' Weekend! Spend the afternoon making memories and enjoying quality time together. Join us as we play games, make a craft, eat a snack and have lots of fun!! All children must be accompanied by an adult. The $15 fee includes one grandparent and one grandchild. $5 for each additional person.

Ages: 3+

Sep 12     Sa     1:00 - 2:30pm  $15

NEW Squish and Play 8570

Roll it, pat it, press it, or use a cookie cutter to make your creation! We all love playing with clay and play dough. Spend 45 minutes exploring what we can make out of play dough and clay. Each week there will be different scented and colored play dough to explore! The last week of class we will make our own homemade play dough to bring home.
Ages: 3 - 6 
Oct 7 - Oct 28      W     12:45 - 1:30pm     $40

NEW Zoo Tots 8572

Calling all Zoologists! Did you ever wonder what animals do all day (and night)? Let's learn what different animals eat, how they communicate with each other and how zookeepers take care of them. This class will include craft time and music and movement.
Ages: 3 - 6 
Nov 4 - Nov 18     W     12:45 - 1:30pm     $30

Parent/Tot Gymnastics I 8607

Does your child love to climb and tumble? Our parent/tot gymnastics is designed for girls and boys new to the sport of gymnastics. Participants will have fun learning and experiencing basic gymnastic skills and progressions such as the ready position, pike, tuck, and straddle. We will focus on learning gymnastic vocabulary through stretching, tumbling, balance beam challenges, and hanging from the bar. Proper gymnastics clothing is required: sweatpants, tee-shirts, and socks.
Ages: 2 - 5
Sep 19 - Oct 24     Sa     8:00 - 8:45am     $45

Games Galore Session I 8545

In this class participants will enjoy many of their schoolyard favorites. Games will include tag, relays, capture the flag and much more. This class is designed to enhance your child's listening and communication skills in a fun and safe environment. *No Class November 26th
Ages: 3 - 5
Nov 5 - Dec 3     Th     12:45 - 1:30pm     $35

Preschool Gymsters - Session I 8539

If you want your preschooler up and moving this class is perfect for you! In this class participants will get an introduction to a variety of preschool activities that include parachute games, scooters, tag and other fun exercises. This class is guaranteed to keep everyone busy and active!
Ages: 3 - 5
Oct 8 - Oct 29     Th     12:45 - 1:30pm     $35

Sports N' More - Session I 8535

Children will be introduced to the fundamentals of soccer, t-ball, football, basketball and group games. We provide an opportunity for each child to develop motor skills and grow socially emotionally through teamwork and good sportsmanship, while exposing them to a variety of sporting activities.
Ages: 3 - 5
Sep 15 - Sep 24     Tu Th     12:45 - 1:30pm     $35

NEW – Ice Skating

Butterfield Park District is partnering with Center Ice of DuPage! From Parent-Tot classes to Teen and Adult Skating and Hockey, there's something for every skill level at Center Ice. 

Soccer Shots 8530

Soccer Shots is an engaging children's soccer program with a focus on character development. Our caring team positively impacts children's lives on and off the field through best-in-class coaching, communication and curriculum. Our coaches are the best-trained in the business. Our expert-approved curriculum is age-appropriate and aligns with childhood education standards. In addition we provide an exceptional customer experience and ongoing communication with parents. Located at Butterfield Park District Gym
Ages: 3 - 5
Sep 29 - Nov 17 T 12:45 - 1:30pm $110

Parent and Little Athlete Open Gym Class-Session I 8609

It's time to team up with Mom or Dad in this pint sized athletics class. We will focus on throwing, catching, kicking, running and socializing throughout the 4-week class. Each class will provide different stations for children to try new sports and game, while enhancing developmental skills.
Ages: 2 - 4
Sep 19 - Oct 24     Sa     9:00 - 9:45am     $45

Friday Fun Day 9129

Does your child need socialization or a break from remote learning? Join us for 3 hours of free play, arts and crafts, music and movement, games, playground or gym time, and more! Your child should bring a peanut/tree nut free snack and a water bottle each week. Add Lunch Bunch to extend your child's day until 12:45. You provide the lunch and we provide the fun! **All staff and students are required to wear a mask.**
Ages: 4-6
Sep 11 - Dec 11     F     9:00am - 12:00pm     $350

Fri-Yay Pumpkin Party  9147

Hooray for Friday! Join us as we celebrate the season by making a craft, playing games, singing songs, and meeting new friends. Feel free to send your child in a costume (no weapons please). Add Fri-Yay Lunch Bunch from 12:00-12:45 for $5. You provide the lunch and we provide the fun! Separate registration is required for this program. Please use code 9148.
**All children are required to wear a mask.
Ages: 3 - 6
Oct 23     F        12:45 - 1:30pm         $10

Fri-Yay Lunch Bunch

Extend your child's Fri-Yay! You provide the lunch and we provide the fun!   *Please send your child with a peanut/tree nut free lunch.
**All children are required to wear a mask.
Ages: 3 - 6
Oct 23       F     12:00 - 12:45pm     $5
Nov 13      F     12:00 - 12:45pm     $5

Fri-Yay Gobble Gobble Gala 9153

Hooray for Friday! Join us as we celebrate the season by making a craft, playing games, singing songs, and meeting new friends. Add Fri-Yay Lunch Bunch from 12:00 - 12:45pm for $5. You provide the lunch and we provide the fun! Separate registration is required for this program. Please use code 9154. Ages: 3 - 6
Nov 13       F       12:45-1:45pm       $10