Pool Playtime - Zero Depth Pool

Campers enjoy the refreshing water as they splash through the aquatic features of the zero depth area. Campers also have the opportunity to explore underwater with gold coins, rubber ducks, colored rings, and rainbow gems. While swimming, campers improve their strength, flexibility, and learn how to be safe in the water!

Hands On Exploration

How does it feel, what happens when, and why did that happen are just some of the questions teachers ask to guide hands on exploration in Camp Super Tot. Water tables play dough, mixing paint, drawing masterpieces with crayons, and much more are in store for your tot!

Outdoor Exploration

Climb, jump, ride, and let your imagination run wild. During outdoor exploration time, campers work on social interaction and self-confidence by trying new activities such as climbing up the rock wall, crawling through the tunnel, and playing group games.

Yoga for Kids

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, relax, and count to 10. The benefits of Yoga for children are incredible. Yoga kids develops body awareness, promote physical strength, and refines balance and coordination. Campers enjoy learning basic Yoga moves such as the downward dog, dolphin, and child’s pose.