To assist the Butterfield Park District in acquiring trees benches, and landscaping and to allow residents the opportunity to honor relatives and/or friends.

The BPD shall identify parks and general locations in each park where projects are to be placed. Consideration will be made to accommodate location requests from the donor.

The donor may be present at the time a tree is planted.

All donated items become property of the Butterfield Park District.

The donor may assist the Butterfield Park District in the selection of plant material, however, the final decision shall be the Park District's.All donations are tax deductible.

Choose from a variety of shade or evergreen trees. 
Prices Range from $200-$500.

Have your name engraved on a brick to be placed outside the Recreation & Aquatic Center.
Price ranges from $85-$125

Purchase or dedicate a park bench at Kensington, Brentwood or Glenbriar.
Price $650

Help us bring color to our parks! With a donation of $500-$1000 we will install fl ower boxes and/or natural planting beds in any of our parks.